Tuesday, February 28, 2012

reading and writing

I used to read other writers / bloggers and feel small. I love writing and reading - but somehow, I never had the drive to go get published or ... well, yeah, just get published.

In my life, I've only ever sent one piece off to be published at a local poetry journal and once that was done and my curiousity satisfied, I stopped. It was there - in some kind of print and it was enough.

It's odd but there it is. I just don't really have anything I want to say badly enough to write it all down.

The one thing I do like about my job is that it involves writing - lots of writing. I like it when it's just me, a blank screen and my keyboard. I like shaping the arguments, finding the right ... shape to the whole story that I want to tell.

This place is just for the bits of non work writing that happens to spill over.


Ok so I've been on a non-fiction sprint lately. Read the Steve Jobs biography and now reading sl-o-owly through 'The Struggle for Europe' by Chester Wilmot.

WWII and the story of modern Europe definitely trumps the retelling of Steve Jobs' terrible and mostly weird behaviour.

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