Saturday, January 23, 2016

waltz for debby

It's been nearly ten years since I heard Waltz for Debby. Is it silly? To celebrate song anniversaries?

A jazz loving friend of mine sent it to me - the mp3 of the great Bill Evans version. Try it, he said. You'll like it.

I listened and liked it in a vague, well ok it's nice kind of way. But I wasn't blown away. I didn't have the capacity to really understand it then.

That was in 2006-7? It's now 2016 and yesterday I had a sudden hankering for Bill Evans again. I listened to the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans album and was struck by... everything. The wistfulness, the alchemy, the sadness and longing.

I was going to post a video of Waltz for Debby but in light of the current snowstorm, this one seems more appropriate.

"So in a world of snow,
Of things that come and go,
Where what you think you know,
You can't be certain of,
You must believe in spring and love."