Tuesday, August 21, 2012

not good at all

photo above is of a spray of carnations i bought (they were the cheapest) about a month ago. yes i am the kind of foolish girl who buys flowers because they're pretty.

Anyway, i've always wanted my own home and my own space and i'm loving the odd freedom of buying flowers whenever i like. Mr Grey makes a great house mate - the best i've ever had  and we've somehow arrived at a fairly equitable distribution of housework based on the chores we like best. So none of this having to grind your way through the chores you hate just because its your turn.

In other news,  I'd planned to post about the lemon cake we baked but....the brother is awfully sick and in the hospital now so .... no, the week isn't going well. blogging is a great distraction though.

Friday, August 3, 2012

lamentations 3

In between the last post and this one, my sister graduated (yay!), Mr Grey and I went on our honeymoon (double yay!!) and we came back to reality and lots of laundry (ugh).

i kept meaning to write about all that and more but ... the last two weeks have been .... not so great.

But lamentations 3 helped.

trying to remember that there are lots of things to be thankful for and that God is so good still.

trying not to be mean or to be overly grumpy

trying not to lose one's temper and also trying not to swear too much (not really working)

but its Friday so mostly i am so thankful that the run of ... not so great stuff has mostly slowed to a trickle of nothing and i get to go home soon...

and also Mr Grey has promised to cook me a steak dinner tonight :)

(plus i bought dark choc ginger and pear biscuits from marks and sparks and they're really good)

*For clarity - the photo is not of steak cooked by Mr Grey. It is one of the steaks that Mr Grey and I ate a couple of weeks ago to celebrate something else. Actually, it was of MY steak. Ahem. Mr Grey ate his before I could take a photo.