Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the apple of my eye

It's only our second valentine's day.

Last valentine's I made him a fruit basket with stickers (see photo above) which i downloaded for free because I don't believe in commercialized Valentine's hoopla.

Then we went out and deliberately ate an awesome meal in a run down coffee shop near my place. There were no candles but there was really fantastic chinese double boiled soup.

I think my only regret is that we have so few photos together. I've been looking through the tumblr blog of an acquaintance and she takes gorgeous gorgeous photos of her trips, of her boyfriend, of the stuff they do together etc etc.

And the only thing i could think of was: darn I should've taken a photo of us with all that fruit. Plus I'd love some blue sky photo of us all smiley and happy together like the world is just candy dandy perfect.

But never mind.

I have every reason to believe that *ahem* ..... the best is yet to be :)

happy valentine's to all and sundry!

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