Monday, March 29, 2010

Snippets: Of grumpy bears and kimonos

A: :Let’s have a Japanese theme night! I’ll cook chirashi rice!
B: I’ll wear a kimono!
C: I’ll wear my kimono print dress!
D: I’ll paint my face white!

A, B and C: .....! HAHAHAHAHA


Gchat with the sister

D:I'm so grumpy right now....
C: dont be grumpy! grumpy bear isnt quite as fun as cheer bear!
D: ......
C: *sends a picture of Grumpy bear* Although, this one is quite cute....

The said cute picture is above :)


C: sigh, i dun wanna study...let's run away together jie
D: hahaha ok, where do we go?
C:Canada? Melbourne? or let's be Coldplay groupies and follow them wherever they go!
D: ....
C: i have clearly put much thought into this plan eh?

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