Monday, March 8, 2010

He restores

Only that I have had good news today - of an unexpected and personal nature.

It's the first time in a year (a whole year!) and I'm so grateful - no, I don't think this post is ever going to make sense to anyone but those nearest and dearest to me. But its ok. This one is my Ebenezer.

God willing, this may continue- discovered a possible reason for it on my way home - but no - I won't attribute this to anything else but the compassion and mercy of God.

Its not happy in the butterflies kissing daisies way. Only... only that the girl sitting on a ledge waiting for the wind is giving way to another girl on her knees and who knows that He gathers the wind in His fists.

Oh I'm so tired. And I know this won't make sense - I can't be coherent, can't even read right now. But it's here because - won't you give thanks with me?

The Lord, He is good - can't even begin to tell about how good - and His mercies endure forever.


Oh Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
His mercy endures forever

(Psalm 136:1)

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