Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sing with me now,"good night sweetheart, it's time to go hooome.."

Rented American Graffti from VideoEzy this weekend and oh, how I adore the music of the 1960s. It's one of those movies that's two parts music, two parts nostalgia and almost no narrative at all - hard to believe George Lucas managed to convince Universal Studios to have it made - having Francis Ford Coppola on the team must have helped.

American Graffiti takes you out on a late summer night in Modesto, California, in a long gone era, the innocent pre-Vietnam war America. The early 1960s America of Kennedy, Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, cruising down main street in cadillacs and T-Birds, drive-ins and drive-thrus, doing the twist to Chubby Checker...American Graffiti was about all of that and none of that at the same time. You watch a show like that, and it's like a small slice of that past, that America comes back to life just for 100 minutes.

Some of songs from the movie below - enjoy! They're beautifully harmonized and so slow dance-y and evocative. Good gracious, please please watch the Diamonds - so old and yet their voices are so good and performing with so much enjoyment!

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Yifan said...

Hi Di, thank you for leaving a note for me. I enjoy reading your writing -- I now have more Christian books on my "to read" list. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee anytime.

- Yvonne