Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do not disturb

The book queue, it just keeps growing! I've been saying for months that I want to place an order with Amazon.com - I think it's finally time. I have so many books I want and absolutely no time to go digging in assorted bookstores.

FYI - I fail to understand why Christian bookstores are located in such out of the way places. Shalom is in some industrial park, the Baptist bookstore is (thankfully) at Goldhill Plaza (but has terribly inconvenient opening hours), Life bookshop is everywhere but has more greeting cards than books and ditto for Mount Zion. I don't know where SKS is but I do know that the bookstore in Bras Basah complex doesn't seem to have all that much either.

The Safra Bay run (also known as the army half marathon) was last Sunday and recovering from the run was just really exhausting. I know I'm tired when I'm too tired to even read - which is why I've been catching up on The West Wing and Battlestar Galactica instead. I blame my TV watching on over-generous friends, Eilonwy lent me all 7 seasons of The West Wing and the Dude provided me with BSG. Oh and Mr F, for ruthlessly promoting BSG to me by sending me this blogpost - explorations of religion in science fiction? Right up my alley and calculated to pique my interest.

This long-winded post is really just to say: folks, I'm tired from the run last week and I need some time out for comfort reads and naps(!). I especially want this book, just because it sounds fun but one way or another, I'll be trying to take some time out to stay home either read this book or finish this one.

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