Monday, August 3, 2009

Bits and bobs

Dinner last night with A, one of my closer friends from law school. She's moving to Tallahassee, Florida, for postgraduate studies.

Fun conversation topics over milo at Ya Kun: sweet vs savoury foods, how we could totally eat jam and bread everyday (ok, for me it was PB & J sandwiches too!), comfort food and growing out of eating sickly sweet/greasy concoctions, grad school requirements, australian and US school systems, travel, crazy people.

A's fun; I often credit her with helping me get through law school. No, she didn't write my essays for me! But she's such a positive, energetic hands on, lets get things done type personality that without even realizing, she pushed me in that direction too.

She's not coming back here, not to live anyway and I'm going to miss her.


Happy times over the weekend:

+ Reduced Shakespeare Company's version of Hamlet on speed and in reverse! The sister and I laughed non-stop the whole way. Oh and plus we got the location wrong, so we ran at full tilt all the way from the Esplanade to the National Library in less than 10 minutes which for some reason, only added to the laughter and memorable factor of the evening.

+ Swing dancing at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to a live band, they played The Lady is a Tramp - such a Sinatra classic - great lead singer, people sitting around eating chicken wings in between sets, shim sham-ing, what a way to end the weekend.

Tempted by:

+invite to the KL Swing event in August

+Invite to Urban Christianity conference on 25 September

+Invite to 3M conference in HK

+Trip plans: Turkey (!), Greece and Israel were all mentioned in the same conversation :)

La vie c'est si bon!

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