Sunday, March 24, 2013

My favourite flower is not the hydrangea

So a bunch of us were sitting around making DIY decor for a friend's wedding and also randomly chatting about wedding related trivia. EY is the bride to be and she is so much girlier and more on the ball about wedding related stuff than me. In the run-up to MY wedding, I was worrying about work not flowers.

Me: Haha yes I wanted my bridesmaids to wear bright orange but they all said no!

EY: Really? But it wouldn't have gone with your flowers. You'd need gerberas and (name of some other flower I can't remember)

Me (happily): Oh I wouldn't have gotten the same flowers.

EY: But I thought you liked hydrangeas and that's why you got them?

Me: Huh? No, I didn't know what hydrangeas were until I got to the florist and she suggested them.

EY: Horrified silence.....

Me: Sheepish....


Uh. So what really happened was this.

I couldn't really be bothered picking a theme for the wedding - so I told my sister who was maid of honour to pick her dress and the bridesmaids would follow suit and whatever colour my sister picked would end up being the theme.

The sister picked a blue dress. The bridesmaids eventually all wore blue. So the theme ended up being blue with touches of bright red.

At one point though, I DID suggest a really bright orange dress (I'm like a child, I like super bright colours). ALL my bridesmaids said no. Actually, because my friends are really nice, they said "ok if you REALLY want this, we'll wear it....".  In girl speak, this translates to "NO PLEASE PLEASE NO".

So blue it was. And that's also how I ended up with blue hydrangeas at my wedding. I mean, hydrangeas are very pretty but it could just as easily have been  daisies or gerberas and it wouldn't have made any difference.

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mythomanic said...

But blue and bright orange are a marvellous combination! (And also NUS colours. People would have thought you'd met at NUS.)

This is what comes of being a bo-chup bride.

Miss you, ramen soon? :)