Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just one paper left - the hardest of the lot though.

The parents are back from Europe with oodles of chocolate and the loveliest stack of CDs. I've swiped the Placido Domingo and the Vienna Boys Choir one :)

Listening to Ave Maria (both the Schubert AND Gounod), munching on some gorgeous chocolate wafer thing (kind of like Loacker) and feeling blissed out. It's nice coming home from evidence law exam to all kinds of good stuff.

So blessed to have friends who care - Thanks so much to Meg(who's been emailing me encouragement), the sister (who sent me a post card all the way from Cambridge), Eilonwy, who's been praying and Mr Grey; he bought me rum and raisin ice-cream!

(And it was the rummiest rum and raisin ice cream too... it's a wonder I could study after that)

Back to the books tomorrow - but for tonight, some rest and music.

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