Monday, May 17, 2010

What is my favourite song?

I don't know.

Apparently one year ago, when I signed up for my itunes/Apple store account, I filled that in as my security question.

When I forgot my password (yes yes I am that type) and that question popped up, I stared at it in horror for a full two minutes, taken aback by the depths of my idiocy - I mean, seriously, what is my favourite song? That changes every 24 hours!

*face palm*

Yes, of course I spent the better part of the next hour desperately trying to remember.

I tried all of these...

Beyond the sea
Fly me to the moon
Amazing Grace
Ave Maria
Symphony No 9
Walking on sunshine
I can see clearly now

... to no avail. Apple rejected me every time.

Why why WHY did I fill that in as my security question? Which alien descended from Mars, took over control of my body and made me do something as colossally silly as that?

*bangs head against keyboard and slumps over*

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