Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yuletide bliss

... is getting a two day MC due to a gum infection - yes, the wisdom teeth are coming out - and staying home to watch the West Wing. It baffles me though why does a lowly gum infection warrant two kinds of antibiotics?

I am rather taken aback by how exhausted I am. Granted, it's been something of a hectic year but still...

Yesterday, lack of brain power and randomness led me back to a blog I used to read - back when I was an inveterate blog trawler - these days, I only read what I call 'special interest' blogs, blogs dedicated to a specific subject matter/purpose. These usually fall into various categories: food, poetry, writing, theology etc.

Anyway, Tym is the writer of the article 'Once Bonded' which drew much much attention earlier this year. I did think when I read the article that the writing style was familiar and I also remember thinking that the writer must have been an eng lit major and it turns out I was right on both counts.

What interested me when randomly clicking through her blog was how her writing style changed through the years. You could literally see, between and betwixt the lines, how she changed and matured over the years. Less gushy, more sharply and concisely worded and also more cynical. It made me wonder - what will my writing be like in 3 years hence?

If I find the time/energy, I might try to do a 2009 roundup of all the books I've read but otherwise, its back to the West Wing and my comfy bed.


Blessed Christmas to all!

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