Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The City by the Bay

Grey rainy days call for the musical equivalent of a steaming mug of hot chocolate which has to be Tony Bennett's 'I left my heart in in San Francisco'. Bennett is the goods every time - the way his voice just grasps hold of the melody, firmly wrapping around and around the chords is marvelous.

Now if only I could be in bed with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a cat curled up nearby and maybe several deliciously thick story books to devour. Comfort food for the soul, the spirit and the body.



+the sister sent me a postcard! Isn't she a lovely? Cards in the mail are like surprise hugs - someone coming up behind you and engulfing you with sudden warmth and affection.

+Lil Miss E gets married! Next week! This deserves all the exclamation marks I can muster :)

+Conversations online and off: about courtship v dating, free market capitalism, theology, cats and careers.

+Lunch with Mr Gray then ginger tea at my new favourite coffee/tea stall on Amoy Street - so much fun in discovering new haunts and havens then showing them to people. O you denizens of CBD cubicles! Walk around the city more! The sun isn't all that bad and it beats sitting at your desk all the day long.


Tony Bennett with Doris Day and Judy Garland. He sings better in the Judy Garland video, but Day has a cleaner lighter voice than Garland, a better counterpoint to Bennett's richness. Enjoy!

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