Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let her tell stories and dance in the rain

On Sunday, one of dearest and oldest friends gave birth to her first child and watching her cuddle her little baby daughter made my heart ache with joy.

My Blueberry Girl is a poem written by Neil Gaiman for Tori Amos when she was pregnant with her daughter, Tash. It has been turned into a picture book for children, with gorgeous illustrations by Charles Vess. Read the reviews of it here and here.

I came across this video via Neil Gaiman's website yesterday, watching it, I thought of my little sister(who isn't so little anymore), of 5 day old little Amelie,who has finally graced us with her presence and teared a little.

To HF and M - I reserve the right to buy this book for Amelie when it comes out in stores in Singapore.

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