Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been busy,madly busy for about 1.5 months now and it feels so good to spend the day at home, chilling, listening to Jamie Cullum and surfing random sites.

I'm grateful that I've been able to eke out a few precious hours here and there for dance and to enjoy the support of close friends and family. Special thanks go out to Boy who was back for his summer break and used one of his last few days in Singapore to help me pack my stuff for my company's move to a new building. Moving day was the day after the trial ended and I was so drained and exhausted by then I couldn't move.

I haven't much more to say for now, still really tired and drained but there's a blog post in the pipeline about my first ever trial experience and also about some new friends I've been making.

Oh and before I forget. To E, who thoughtfully sent me food while I was sick and still working, thank you. Your gift lit up my day.

Below is a cute video of the American Boys Choir doing the Beach Boys, its hilarious! So I'm spreading the love!

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