Saturday, May 26, 2007

Belgian Beer Garden

I meant to post a few days ago, only the thing about starting new blogs is that I tend to forget the username and pass word I made up for the blog.

I logged into blogger at least 3 times and got so mad at myself for having a memory like a sieve. Honestly...I need to take brain supplements or something.

Anyway when I finally remembered how to log in and all (My God I sound ditsy), I thought I'd say something about the place I went to with my cell group last night. The place (Belgian Beer Garden) was new to me even though it was only a few tram stops down the road I live on. It had a lovely atmosphere, wood panelling and a deliberately ye olde fashioned pub look.

Plus, I finally found a beer I actually quite like. Stella Artois!!Who would have known beer could taste so good? Most beers are just bitter and sorta yucky tasting but this one.... it had texture!Flavour!

But beer aside, the food wasn't bad really. The beef stew thingummy I ordered wasn't exactly fantastic, but MY's beer battered fish & chips turned out beautifully. The steak was so-so but really the highlight of the meal were the cream sauce mussels we ordered to share. They were sooo good. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of mussels but those were really juicy and yummy. And the sauce..oh the sauce was to die for. So much cream and white wine and mussel essence....I drank a spoonful of it and almost swooned.

I wanted to stick up a picture of the place but blogger refused to cooperate...again and again. So no pictures just yet.


Cheng said...


Cheng said...

NOT the forbidden soemthing hoegarden, but hoegarden. best frm the tap.
or moosehead, has pomelo taste
or timmermans'!! it has peach flavoured ones. VERY YUMMY
come bac and i bring u to the timmerman;s place. its a belgiam beer and food place.
sophie here

Di said...

I know who you are =)

Hahaha yeah sure I'd love to try that someday.