Thursday, April 18, 2013

dreaming about a holiday

It's raining farmyard animals outside and all I can think about in my grey room is that I need a break. I'd like to go somewhere with lots of green, some hiking and no tall concrete buildings. A pool would be nice too. Just look all that greenery in the picture above - don't you want to be there?

There have been a few articles lately about the use of facebook and instagram. More specifically, about how facebook and instagram can create the illusion of a perfect life, one without the ugly nasty bits.... a life composed of awesome vacation shots, swirly cafe lattes, good food and happy pretty pictures of yourself.

I don't know. The line between sharing and narcissism on facebook is so so thin at times. What do you choose to share? More importantly, why? I like my life but I wouldn't like to make people feel small because they can't do what I do or can't afford what I can afford. Plus, there is that thing where you might attract all manner of negative attention as well.

I've tried to be more careful about facebook posting in the last year or two. Most of the caution has been Mr Grey's influence - he's very wary of social media. I hate to admit it but he's probably right. Facebook is fun in its way but it's rather artificial and if you're not careful about curating your facebook "friends" then you effectively have perfect strangers viewing very personal vignettes of your life and thinking that they know you when they don't - not really.

Have a good weekend everyone (or rather, the two - three friends who actually bother to keep up with this space)!


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