Sunday, March 11, 2012

7 month itch

I have figured out the hard way that there is no way I can last more than 7-8 months at work without at least a 10 day break. By Month 6, I'm suffering from an extreme form of exhaustion, sleeping all the time on weekends and yet unable to get much work done.

Anyway. I'm holding out for just ONE more month before I get to .... run away somewhere but.... argh there is so much to be done in the ONE silly month!

At this point I just want to fast forward to the moment where i get to lie by the pool in a swimsuit and laze the day away.

However I take heart from the fact that things are moving, work has started on the long awaited kitchen and that I've found these cool recipes to try.

Easy sounding two step pasta

Lamb Tagine that doesn't require browning

Banana Cake

I suspect that the pasta might become a staple. I'm very fond of a quick and easy pasta for a weeknight meal - plus it sounds (sorta) healthy too.

My own kitchen! No more huntiing for spatulas and pots and pans through someone else's kitchen and having to ask where everything is! I will know! Because it will be MY KITCHEN!

Oh and Mr Grey's too of course :)

[insert appropriate territorial animal sound]

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