Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank you

and love and hugs and kisses to everyone who called, texted, sent cards, emailed, messaged, facebooked and found some way to send me birthday wishes :)

I had an awesome and restful weekend which was exactly what I longed for.

Special THANK YOU (in caps!) to the following:

-the sister who sent me a MONSTER PINK AND FURRY birthday card - who wouldn't love that? it filled a hole in my life I didn't even know existed. I mean, there was this pink furry monster birthday card hole in my life and I AM SO GRATEFUL IT IS FILLED :)

- Yv who dedicated a whole post! to wishing me happy birthday!*shocked and touched*

- the family - just for being them

- Eilonwy - for remembering me at HER birthday party :)and for throwing a really fun birthday party every year.

- Hf - because she listened to me freaking out about a very important growing up process and then had enough sense to make me go to bed and get some rest and sleep on it.

- Mr Grey - just for being him :)

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