Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bits and pieces

From The West Wing:-

President: Sweden has a 100% literacy rate! A hundred percent! How did they do that?

Leo: Well, maybe they don’t and they also can’t count…


At a gathering:

A: Ooooh, how did X and Y get together? They didn't talk much when we were all in uni.

B: Oh they both walk to Jurong East MRT station to go to work and just kept bumping into each other....

A*nodding sagely*: I knew it! Geographical compatibility works!


C: So what's the book of Deuteronomy in Chinese?

D (Who goes to a Chinese church): Oh it's called 申 命 記.

WM (Who clearly doesn't...): What?! You mean it isn't called 第五本? That's what I always thought!

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