Friday, June 19, 2009

Notes : in which my control freak self talks to my lazy self

1. Cut down on time wasting activities - goodbye random twitter, facebooking, Gchat,msn and random net surfing.

2. Lights out at 11:10 pm. Stop kidding yourself that you're one of those people who need only 5 hours of sleep a night. You need a minimum of 7 hours to function and you know it!

3. Stop eating junk - it makes you tired and lethargic;you can't afford that.

4. Write down/calendarise your appointments.

5. Bible study - daily if possible.

6. Music practice - 15 minutes per instrument per day. *you've already seen the difference between those who practice and those who don't*

7. Language - one new word a day

8. Lit - one device/lit theory per week

9. Philosophy/Theology - One chapter per week

10. Running - Minimum 20km per week.

11. Career - explore options every week. Learn ONE new Order of Court - Civil Liti rule/process every week. Pick a research topic at on Monday - look it up and write out cliff notes (they can be short) by Friday - eg procedure for obtaining Anton Piller Orders, Habeas Corpus, writs of seizure and sale etc.

12. Set aside Saturday - at least morning or evening for learning the stuff listed above, making notes and reading.

13. Lunch hour - take a walk outside for at least 10 minutes. Set aside 1-2 lunch hours per week for bible study especially on the busy days when you have no other time. One lunch hour for meeting friends/colleagues. One lunch hour for other study/reading/making notes. One lunch hour just to wander around,online or in real.

14. Facebook, gchat, twitter and msn are off limits between 9am - 1pm. They can be checked during lunch, or after 4:30pm or during your 11am -11:15 break. Otherwise, your browser stays closed.

15. Leave the house by 8:10am every morning.

16. Food - get your 5 serves of fruit and veg per day. Nutrition is important!

17. Organise your bills and filing system.

18. Finance - start tracking your spending and saving habits. Start learning how to invest your savings.

19. Tech - to learn : Excel

20. Economics - one new econs book per month. Finish notes from The Undercover Economist.

21. Learn research skills.

22. Smile more :) keep yourself around good people who make you laugh. Dance. Have fun. Stop stressing. ~ this is so ironic~

23. You will make mistakes. If you do, learn and move on. Beating yourself up only takes up time and energy and won't move you forward. IF the mistake affected someone, apologize sincerely, try to make amends and then move on.

24. Focus on learning but also focus on other people. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

25. There will be setbacks. Brick walls are there for a reason but with God, hard work and perseverance, you can get through them.

26. Your new mantra is discipline, disciplines and self control.

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Zhi Ming said...

Oh dear... and I'm reading this at 317pm...