Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dimbulah, at Change Alley

The real Dimbulah is a town in Queensland, Australia. The word 'dimbulah' is thought to mean a long waterhole in the Indigenous Australian language which makes it a terribly apt name for a cafe, if you ask me.

The Dimbulah Coffee at Change Alley is my new coffee place. It's tucked away at a corner of Change Alley and always seems relatively peaceful, despite the lunch crowd. I go there once or twice a week, just to have coffee, write and think.

It's a quietly modern cafe, cookies and muffins under glass domes, the constant hiss of the coffee machine in the background and a selection of sandwiches and cakes at the counter. But the coffee really is the main draw; it's lovely smelling, with this distinct aroma to it, unlike the bland pap Starbucks serves. Plus, at $4.5 for a latte, it's cheaper than most coffee places by almost a dollar and the Singaporean in me loves that it's both cheaper and better. Plus, it provides the daily papers and lots of magazines which is something I wish more Singaporean cafes would do. I almost never bought magazines in Australia, because I could always go to any cafe and read anything I liked.

The crowd there is split, it's not exactly an expatriate haunt but it does tend to have a steady flow of expats coming through, mainly for the coffee and the peace.

Sorry for the long radio silence, not that I'm under any illusions about my non-existent blog readership. But in between work and my sister flying off next week and other assorted activities, I haven't had time to even breathe lately. The only reason I'm able to write this is because I've come down with a bad case of flu and have been given 2 days medical leave.

I get this feeling I'll re-read this when I'm well and cringe at all the typos; I'm so drugged out on cough and flu meds right now, its not funny.

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