Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gone Fishing

I went to Lakes Entrance,Victoria over the Easter break to fish and have fun with a cool bunch of friends from church.

Its a gorgeous district of lovely lakes and rivers that spill out into the Bass Strait. We drove into the town at about half past three on Good Friday and it looked like it could've been used as the set of Dawson's Creek, all pretty riverside views with charming boats tethered to the jetty and the sun sparkling off the waters.

It was a fantastic trip, what with everyone managing to catch some fish, having a chef travel with us and whipping up a yummy BBQ with our catch and much much late night mahjong and card sessions.

I love road trips out of the city. One city is really so much like any other and I sometimes only feel like I'm in Australia when I've gone beyond the suburbs and into the countryside. It's so silly but I feel so happy just looking at the open spaces and water.

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Woof! said...

Yeah reminds me of the time I was there in 2004! Lovely place, ain't it?