Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sickness and health

This was going to be a post about designer bags and how we all seem to crave them.

But before it can become a post about designer bags, it is first going to be a post about my being sick in bed today with a cold and sore throat.

Being sick is sorta fun when I'm at home in Singapore. I get to stay in bed and re read all my favourite books and sleep whenever I want which is my idea of a perfect world. And whenever I feel like a meal, my mum gets me one and when I need medication, my mum doles it out.

But sick in bed in Melbourne is a different creature altogether. I have far fewer books here, no mum to send me to the doctor and provide me with delicious healing soups that have chicken and ginger in them. So in Melbourne, one of my goals is not to get sick and when I have even the slightest suspicion that my body is about to fall prey to a virus, I take medication like it's some magic pill from the fantasy books that will zing all the virus and sick from my body.

But in spite of my best laid plans, those damned effective flu viruses waited for a week when I lacked sleep and was stressed and then pounced.

I'm 25, but I really really want my mummy right now.

I'll talk about designer bags tomorrow.


Hannah Grace of God said...

awww.... *pat pat*

Vanion said...

Hehz... still waiting for your post on Designer Bags... Grins.